Other HSA Planner Tools

We're constantly looking at ways to enable consumers to get more out of their HSA. Below you can see a few of the HSA tools and calculators that we've built to support this mission.

HSA Eligible Expense Searchmore_vert

HSA Eligible Expense Searchclose

This tool enables users to quickly determine if a medical expense is eligible to be paid for with their health savings account. Users simply type in their specific expense or expense category and results show eligibility and detailed expense eligiblity information for over 100 common medical expenses.

HSA Balance Projectionmore_vert
HSA Balance Projectionclose

Assists users in understanding how their HSA balance can grow over time in a visual manner. With a few simple inputs, a user can see how tweaking their HSA contributions in the near term can have a profound impact in their HSA balances in the long-term.

HSA Eligibility & Tax Savingsmore_vert
HSA Eligibility & Tax Savingsclose

This tool helps investors determine their HSA eligibility, annual contribution limits and any potential tax savings in a quick, easy-to-use calculator.

More exciting tools & education resources coming soon!